A Priori

A priori languages by definition are constructed languages ("conlangs," if you will... i won't) which are not based on any extant language or language family.  While it is not my mission to catalogue them all here, i will provide a few of my own a priori languages for your amusement, derision, or admiration.

Most of the a priori languages i've created form a loose language family i have called Baraqesh, after Baraq, which is my fourth language in this category.

My first a priori language never had a name and never had more than a few words.  That was before i was aware that people who waste time creating their own languages in class would not, in fact, go directly to the funny farm and be beaten with sticks.

Later on, i worked extensively on Dlatci ['dla.ʧi], which got to be a little too "latiny," but of which i was and am still quite fond, particularly of its alphabet, which i may use again one day in another project.

Some years after that i worked on the development of Maltcέgj [mal.'ʧɛgʒ], which is described here in as much detail as possible.

Maltcέgj led to the invention of Baraq [ba.'rak], which combined elements from both Maltcέgj and Dlatci, but was too hyperinflected to continue to live.

My most recent a priori language is called Lhahu ['ɮa.xu], and i'm afraid there's not a lot i can offer about it at this time other than it aspires to combine all the best elements of all the above languages in a very logical way.