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Word Order

Word order in Maltcέgj is quite rigid (VSO, head-initial) and fairly straight-forward.  Word order does not change depending on factors like interrogative mood, and mood and tense are indicated with particles.  

CPs follow the order:
  1. conjucntions [e, rεb, klεg, &c]
  2. verbal particles 
    • (always in the order) vre – mεn – cʌþ – blεg – lơ – dyd – nag – dla  kwarþ – blai – rak
  3. primary verb ("conjugated" verb) or adjective
  4. adverb(s)
  5. secondary verb(s) ("infinitives")
  6. subject
  7. temporal clause (oc)
  8. spatial clause (adp)
  9. indirect object (preposition) 
  10. direct object (a)
e.g. And did the angry woman with the hat steal your books yesterday?

e1 cʌþ dyd2 fram3 glam vʌdj ɛm áklar ok6 lanad7 ak kalg u mέlɛm a10?
(and ? did steal woman anger-upon hat-with yesterday book of you at)

NP/AP/PPs for 6-10 follow the order:
  1. ak (plural particle)
  2. noun
  3. adjective
  4. number (if number, then no ak)
  5. genitive (u + noun)
  6. postposition
e.g. Yes, she stole seven of my thick red books.

gam, dyd fram pɛl klag2 nost ok3 djóde3 dan4 u jǫg5 a6

(yes, did steal she book thickness-with red seven of me at.)