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2010.07.30 (vlog)

Háilai, Gut­ilōna!

I just wanted to post a quick vlog here in light of some exciting news that’s come up in the last couple of hours.  In my last vlog i mentioned that i wanted to make some sort of t-shirts or other merchy sorts of things to go with the Gothic for Goths lessons, and i’ve been working on it quietly in the background for some time now, but I’ve decided that now is the time!

So please go and check out the new Gothic for Goths online storefront at – that’s gothic, the number 4, goths, dot spreadshirt dot com (or click on the link in the video description.)

There are a lot of exciting things there already from lessons 3, 4, and 5, like this nifty T-shirt that says “Sa feina niuja swarta undarhams meins gneidiþ mik“ - “My fancy new black underwear is chafing.”  Or these fancy new black underwear that say the same thing, but they don’t chafe – they’re actually quite nice.  There's also “Okai, so dulþs waírþiþ unhráinja.  Ik gawasja mik, gagguh háimo.” Which, of course, means, "Okay, this party's getting dirty.  I'm putting on my clothes and going home."  We also have a slightly cheeky version of the same which says "kthxbye" on the back.  We also have both the masculine and feminine version of "I am gother than thou."  Finally, we have the masculine version of two phrases: Gutans ni laikand - Goths don't frolick, and "Ik gagga in waihstan, ainakls, du gretan." - I'm going to the corner, alone, to cry.  It’s mostly T-shirts so far, but there are also some other nifty things like ties and bandanas; and, of course, fancy new black underwear.

I have a lot of ideas about new designs i’d like to incorporate into the store as well, but i need to sell at least nine items before i can upload more designs, so please check ’em out!  Also, please send me a message if you have a custom design in mind that you’d like me to put in the store – like something in a different color or on a different fabric – and i’ll be happy to oblige if I can.

Pretty much everything is printed on black fabric, mostly either in red or in parchment.  Be sure to take advantage of the category filter, or the selection can get a little daunting.  Sort by Lesson, by type of clothing, or by your choice of physical or grammatical gender.

And here’s the exciting news that made me decide to launch now.  Starting immediately and for the entire weekend, SpreadShirt is offering free shipping on all orders placed between now and Sunday if you enter the code “FREEWEEKEND” at checkout!  So get out there and check out my new digs, and buy dark and spooky things and be the gothest kid on the block, and let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see!

Take care, Gothlings!