Gothic for Goths Lesson 05: Vocabulary Words

áinakls: alone, lonely.
áinata: a, an, one.
aiw: ever.
gamōtan: may, to be allowed, to have permission.
gawizneigs: having fun, enjoying together.
grētan: to cry, to weep.
**gutaklubs (gutaklufs): goth club.
(þata) dáug: that’s okay, that’s enough, that’s sufficient.
dáuþs: dead.
du: to.
dugan: to be sufficient, to avail, to be beneficial.
*hija naht: tonight.
hugjan: to think, to consider, to ponder.
iupana: again, over again.
ita: it.
þata: that.
þatei: that.
þōei: that, which.
láikan: to dance, to play, to frolick.
liuban: to love.
miþ: with.
: no.
**niukilō: nickel.
plinsjan: to dance.
riukan: to smoke.
rūms: room, space.
**sigaraíta: cigarette.
sunjaba: actually, really, honestly.
*swafilu: so much.
waíhsta: corner.
(ik) wáit: I know.
wērleikō: really, truly.
wiþra: against.
wiljan: to want.
witan: to know.
filu-: very, quite.
ƕōh: each, every.