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Valthungian is a constructed language that i started working on as a result of my Gothic for Goths series; a different sort of idea of what gothic might sound like today.  Rather than trying to revive a dead language and fit modern ideas into it, Valthungian is based on how a modern-day descendant of gothic might sound, had any east germanic languages survived.

Valthungian is not related to or descended from crimean gothic, as you'll notice by some of the sound shifts in particular, but does follow some areal germanic rules.

Watch the project develop!

Rules: This will eventually be a chronological set of phonetic, phonemic, and morphosyntactic rules which govern the development of the Valthungian language.  In an ideal universe, you plug in a gothic or proto-germanic word at the top, and a Valthungian word filters out at the bottom.