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About this Lexicon

This lexicon should by no means be considered complete. 

The vocabulary found in this lexicon is taken almost exclusively from the Gothic for Goths lessons, and new vocabulary is added with each new lesson that is created.  Some is also taken from other work by the author.  For a more complete Gothic lexicon, I suggest Köbler's Gothic Dictionary, which I use as a resource for many of my interpretations.

A single asterisk in front of an entry in the lexicon indicates that the word is derived, either from an alternate declension or from ProtoGermanic.  While there is no direct lexical evidence of the word, it is very likely correct.

A double-asterisk before an entry indicates that the word was created by me for the Gothic for Goths series, either through compounding or borrowing from another language.  Serious students of Gothic would be wise to bear in mind that these terms will not fly on a term paper!