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 PGmc  Gothic  ON  OE  OHG  OS  OF      
 knewwan    knáttu  cnawan            
 kennan    kenna              
 kunnan  kunnan  kunna  cunnan  kunnan          
 magan  magan  mega  magan  mugan          
 munnan  munan  muna              
 ga-munnan    munu              
 motan      mótan  muozan          
 ga-motan  gamotan                
 bi-nugan  binaugan                
 ga-nugan  ganaugan                
 ogan  ogan                
 skulan skulan skulu sculan skulan     
 þurban þaurban þurfa þurfan durfan     
 unnan unnan unna unnan (ga)unnan     
 werþan wairþan verða werþan      
 wesan wisan vera wesan      
 witan witan vita witan wizzan     
 fanhan fahan fáa fón fáhan     
 gangan gangan gánga gangan, gán
 weljan wiljan vilja willan      
 haban haban hafa habban habban     
 aigan aigan eiga ágan eigan     
 brukan   brúcan brukan     
 dugan dugan  dugan tugan     
 dursan (ga)dursan  durran turran     

to know (facts)
to know (how to)
to know, to recognize, to be familiar with

to think
to remember
to read
to learn

to have, to own, to possess
to catch, to capture
to get, to obtain, to receive

to love
to like, to enjoy, to be fond of
to use
to be willing to
to want, to desire
to need, to require
must, to be required to
should, to be obligated to
shall/will, to be going to, to intend to
to dare
to fear, to be frightened of

to be sufficient, to be enough
to avail, to be beneficial
to grant, to allow, to bestow
to behoove
to have room

can, to be able, to be capable of
can, to have the power to
may, to have permission, to be allowed

to be
to become, to turn into