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Northeadish (Druðþþȳðesc) is a constructed language that i’ve spent an inordinate portion of my life working on, which is really my vision of what a “south” germanic language might sound like.  Ostensibly, it is an amalgamation of all the things i particularly like about germanic languages rolled up into a little ball with a fancy alphabet.  A few of them, in fact!

The Back Story: How Northeadish Came to Be

Lexicon (in progress)

The lexicon that i started years ago while working on Northeadish contains several appendices with useful information about various subjects, constructions, and aspects of the language.  It may take me some time to get some of this material online, as it contains many specialized characters, tables, and graphics.  I have broken up some of these appendices into more digestible pieces.

Appendix i: Spelling and Orthography
Appendix ii: Inflexion
a. Articles, Numerals, Demonstratives, and Possessives
b. Adjectives
    1. Weak Declension
    2. Strong Declension
c. Nouns
    1. Weak Declension
    2. Strong Declension
d. Pronouns
e. Verbs
    1. Weak Verbs
    2. Strong Verbs
        i. Class I (ī - ǣ - e - e)
        ii. Class II (ȳ - ō - u - u)
        iii. Class III (e - a - u - u)
        iv. Class IV (e - a - ā - u)
        v. Class V (e - a - ā - e)
        vi. Class VI (a - ō - ō - a)
        vii. Class VII (reduplication)
        viii. Aorist-Presents
    3. Anomalous/Athematic Verbs
        i. Preterite-Presents
        ii. Subjunctive-Presents
        iii. Other Modals & Auxiliaries
        iv. The truly bizarre (Ezmi class): dōn, gaŋɴ, stanðɴ, vern
    4. Reflexive Verbs
    5. Passive Voice
        i. Mediopassive
        ii. Reflexive Passive
        iii. Compound Passive
f. Adverbs
Appendix iii: Correlatives
Appendix iv: Abbreviations and Contraxions
Appendix v: Family Units and Organization
Appendix vi: Measurement of Time
Appendix vii: Alternative Alphabets and Orthographies
Appendix viii: Morphology and Relationship to ProtoGermanic
Appendix ix: Word Order and Syntax