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Appendix v: Family Units and Organisation

  1. Immediate Family: Frīnðʀ
    1. Great-grandparents: Fūrævʀ
      There is no distinction between mother’s/father’s maternal and paternal grandparents; e.g. father’s father’s father and father’s mother’s father are both fūravf. The prefix “great-” is “fūr,” and can be repeated indefinitely in the same manner. Familial generations use the same prefixes as time-related words, such as fūr-, naɧ-, and naɧᵫvʀ-, though gestʀ- is not used for family members, as the adjective implies that they are dead.
      1. Mother’s Great-grandmother: Fūrana
      2. Mother’s Great-grandfather: Fūran
      3. Father’s Great-grandmother: Fūrama
      4. Father’s Great-grandfather: Fūravf
    2. Grandparents: Ævʀ
      It is perhaps worth noting here that the collective term for grandparents is ævʀ, though the maternal grandparents are distinctly known as ænʀ.
      1. Maternal Grandmother: Ana
      2. Maternal Grandfather: An
      3. Paternal Grandmother: Ama
      4. Paternal Grandfather: Avf
    3. Parents: Ælðrʀ
      1. Mother: Mōðʀ
      2. Father: Faðʀ
    4. Siblings: Gabrœ̄ðrʀ
      1. Sister: Svestʀ
      2. Brother: Brōðʀ
    5. Children: Cᵫnðʀ
      1. Daughter: Duhtʀ
      2. Son: Sun
    6. Grandchildren: Ænӿclʀ, Ænӿcʌcᵫnðʀ
      There is no distinction between son’s children and daughter’s children.
      1. Granddaughter: Ænӿclena, Ænӿcʌduhtʀ
      2. Grandson: Ænӿcʌ, Ænӿcʌsun
    7. Great-grandchildren: Naɧænxclʀ, Naɧænxcʌcᵫnðʀ
      After great-grandchildren, the prefix ᵫvʀ is applied, after which naɧ is repeated indefinitely; i.e. great-great-great granddaughter is naɧᵫvʀnaɧænӿclena.
      1. Great-granddaughter: Naɧænӿclena, Naɧænӿcʌduhtʀ
      2. Great-grandson: Naɧænӿcʌ, Naɧænӿcʌsun
  2. Spouses & In-laws: Brūðþgumʀ & Svegrӿʀ
    1. Parents-in-law: Svegrӿʀ
      1. Mothers-in-law: Svecstrar
        1. Wife’s Mother: Svecstra, Brūðþmōðʀ
        2. Husband’s Mother: Svecstra, Gummōðʀ
      2. Fathers-in-law: Svegrʀ
        1. Wife’s Father: Svegʀ, Brūðþfaðʀ
        2. Husband’s Father: Svegʀ, Gumfaðʀ
    2. Spouses: Brūðþgumʀ
      1. Wife: Vīvf, Brūðþ
      2. Husband: Gum, Ver
    3. Spouses’ Siblings: Brūðþguma Gabrōðrʀ
      1. Sister-in-law (Wife’s Sister): Brūðþsvestʀ
      2. Sister-in-law (Husband’s Sister): Gumsvestʀ
      3. Brother-in-law (Wife’s Brother): Brūðþbrōðʀ
      4. Brother-in-law (Husband’s Brother): Gumbrōðʀ
    4. Siblings’ Spouses: Gabrōðra Brūðþgumʀ
      1. Brother-in-law (Sister’s Husband): Svestʀgum
      2. Sister-in-law (Brother’s Wife): Brōðʀbrūðþ
    5. Children’s Spouses: Cenðbrūðþgumʀ
      1. Son-in-law (Daughter’s Husband): Ǣðм
      2. Daughter-in-law (Son’s Wife): Snur
    6. Grandchildren’s Spouses: Ænӿcʌbrūðþgumʀ
      1. Grandson-in-law: Ǣðмænӿcʌ, Ænӿclenagum
      2. Granddaughter-in-law: Snurænӿcʌ, Ænӿcʌbrūðþ
  3. Extended Family: Ūtfrīnðʀ
    1. Grandparents’ Siblings: Ævrӿʀ
      1. Maternal Great-aunt: Fūrmūstʀ
      2. Maternal Great-aunt’s Husband: Fūrmūstʀgum
      3. Maternal Great-uncle: Fūrœ̄hǣm
      4. Maternal Great-uncle’s Wife: Fūrōhǣmbrūðþ
      5. Paternal Great-aunt: Fūrfastʀ
      6. Paternal Great-aunt’s Husband: Fūrfastʀgum
      7. Paternal Great-uncle: Fūrfæðravf
      8. Paternal Great-uncle’s Wife: Fūrfæðravfbrūðþ
    2. Parents’ Siblings: Ælðrӿʀ
      1. Maternal Aunt: Mūstʀ
      2. Maternal Aunt’s Husband: Mūstʀgum
      3. Maternal Uncle: Ōhǣm
      4. Maternal Uncle’s Wife: Ōhǣmbrūðþ
      5. Paternal Aunt: Fastʀ
      6. Paternal Aunt’s Husband: Fastʀgum
      7. Paternal Uncle: Fæðravf
      8. Paternal Uncle’s Wife: Fæðravfbrūðþ
    3. Cousins: Brœ̄ðrӿʀ
      1. Maternal Female Cousin: Svestrӿena
      2. Maternal Male Cousin: Svestrӿ
      3. Paternal Female Cousin: Brœ̄ðrӿena
      4. Paternal Male Cousin: Brœ̄ðrӿ
    4. Siblings’ Children: Nevӿʀ
      1. Niece (Sister’s Daughter): Neftena
      2. Nephew (Sister’s Son): Nevɴ
      3. Niece (Brother’s Daughter): Nevna
      4. Nephew (Brother’s Son): Nevf