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ænðþ [enþ] cjx. and, futhermore. Synonyms: ōc, jah. [andi, anþi]

Ænðþ is used as a coordinate conjunxion to indicate that there is another part of the sentence coming, and is used somewhat interchangeably with jah, which has a more specific connotation of indicating a chronological progression (“and then”). Ōc, however, is used only to indicate items in a list (“and also”). These may all be abbreviated as & or .

Hī gæŋ telm bruga iah brōd ōc med buhtþa, ænðþ mōðʀ sīna basōhtþa.

(Hī gæŋ telm bruga brōd med buhtþa,  mōðʀ sīna basōhtþa.)

He went to town and (then) bought bread and (also) mead, and he visited his mother.