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Westheadish is still very much a language under construction, and largely consists of rules i liked, but that were incompatible with Northeadish, such as a-mutation of u (> o), retention of i, palatal and postalveolar fricatives, and generally a much more "west germanic" feeling to it.  It also has a partial rhotacism of proto-germanic z, and as such many nominative singular endings appear as ʒ or various permutations depending on the root-final consonant (e.g. mannaz > manʒ [manʤ], nahtiz > nētc [ne:ʧ], fiskaz > fic [fɪʃ], &c).

Unfortunately, many of these rules are contrary to the rues of South Germanic Sound Shift, so this may eventually have to split off into its own branch of "Southwest" Germanic.