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Lost Words

A list of endangered or extinct words in the english language that ought to be revived.

blithe adj. happy, blissful, joyous. [< OE blīþe < PG bleiþaz]

earcleaner n. pinky finger. [<OE eorcleaner]

elkind n. "the others" [< OE ælcynd < PG aljakundiz]

fise v.i. [fise, fose, fisen] to fart. [< ON fīsa]

frithe n. peace, tranquility. [< OE frīþe]

gang v.i. [gang, ging, gangen] go [< OE gangan, long form of gān (go)]

gim v.t. to mind, to pay attention to. [< OE gyman < PG gumjan]

*hite v.t. [hite, hote, hiten] to call, to be named. [< OE hātan < PG haitan]

ken v.t. to know, to recognize, to be familiar with. [<OE cennan < PG kannjan]

mischieve v.i. to get into mischief. [< OF meschever]

nithe n. malice, enmity, hatred. [< OE ]

queath v.t. [queath, quoth, queathen] to say, to speak, to recite. [< OE cweðan < PG kweþan]

should n. fault, guilt.

shrithe v.i. [shrithe, shrothe, shrithen] to waft menacingly. [< OE scrīþan < PG skreiþan]

shrive v.t. [shrive, shrove, shriven] to write. [< OE scrīvan < PG skreiban]

snithe v.t. to cut, to snip. [< OE snīþan < PG sneiþan]

stigue/sty v.t. [stigue, stogue, stig(g)en] to climb, to go up, to ascend.

swigue/swy v.i. to be silent, to shut up.

thague/thay v.i. to be silent, to shut up.

tharve v.t. [tharve, thurft, thurft] to need, to require. [< OE þurvan < PG þurban]

thrice adv. three times.

thwake v.t. to wash, to clean.

tungle n. star, moon, planet. (Refers to any celestial object that isn't earth.) [< OE tungol < PG ]

twain adv. two, in two.

wearthe v.i. [wearthe, worthe, worthen] to become, to turn into. [< OE werðan < PG werþan]

wer n. man, husband.

whirfle v.t. to whirl.

wit v.t. to know (facts).

woon v.i. to live, to dwell.

worg v.i. to choke.

wrat v.i. to travel, to fare, to voyage.

A list of common english words whose inflexions have been regularized.

bake - bake, boke, baken

fold - fold, feld, folden

help - help, holp, holpen

(s)melt - (s)melt, (s)molt, (s)molten

milk - milk, molk, molken

row - row, rew, rown

shape - shape, shope, shapen

shite - shite, shote, shitten (Note the long i!)

starve - starve, storve, starven